Thursday, January 21, 2010

The business of divorce.

Consider that in a situation as intense as a marital crisis, teetering on the brink of divorce, where so many issues of great import are at hand, there is traditionally no one place for couples to go that can effectively field ALL of the needs associated with a possible divorce, or marriage reconciliation. I feel that it is as sad as it is fascinating. And that feeling is what drove me to create the GO Divorce Clinic in Sonoma County, California. Divorce in Santa Rosa, the counties largest city, is like in most areas across the country, very prevalent. I have no problem staying busy, even in this economy. People come to my Clinic most always by referral. They come because GO Divorce made a positive impact on someone's life, at a time that was critically important to them. And even though I offer probably the least expensive uncontested divorce in the county, no one ever recommends me because they saved a lot of money. Even though GO Divorce is unique in many ways, people come to me because they have heard I can be trusted, that I know how to execute an uncontested divorce, and that I really care about my clients and their families. In the future on this blog, I will discuss issues of divorce, marriage and children from a very candid and insightful perspective. I will answer your questions as best I can (no legal advice) regarding the phenomenon of marital crisis. I look forward to shedding light and wisdom on a subject that exists in our community as if in a kind of cultural closet. Divorce, or the threat of it is a powerful event, one that affords great opportunity for profound positive change. I like to say that the "GO" in GO Divorce Clinic is an acronym that represents just that, "Great Opportunity". Seeing through dark challenges to the potentially illuminating possibilities waiting on the other side is an important service to the culture. I hope in my own small way, to make that kind of difference, and participate in life with a kind of contribution that sheds light where few dare even look.